Why Sober on Demand Should be Your First Choice in Addiction Recovery Treatment

Traditional Addiction Recovery Treatment is No Longer Your Only Option


sober on demand

Until recently, we had to drop everything and check into an “old school’ traditional rehabilitation facility if we wanted to get help with our drug and/or alcohol addictions. We would research the same old programs with little to no one on one counseling. We would get the same old sales pitch and the same old promises, but the only thing that we seem to get is the same old alarming relapse rate. There are many reasons for the high relapse rate, but that is a blog for a different day. Let’s get down to the reasons for todays blog.

The Addictions Coach, founded and created by Dr. Cali Estes, is offering it’s SOBER ON DEMAND program. This program is a recovery based program that is molded to the client/addict specifically. The client/addict is paired up with a sober coach that is best able to help them depending on the similarities that the sober coach and client have considering the path they both took while using and the strengths of the sober coach in relation to the weaknesses of the client/addict. And that is only the beginning of factors when it comes to SOBER ON DEMAND.

After being paired with the perfect sober coach, the client then heads to a tropical paradise to begin their journey to sobriety. The client is picked up from the airport and transported to the facility where he/she will be evaluated by Dr. Cali Estes and a nurse. If a period of detoxification is needed, the client is then monitored by the nurse until the detox period is over. Then for the next five to seven days the client has intensive one on one therapy with Dr. Cali Estes. The client won’t be in a room full of addicts trying to grasp whatever little knowledge he or she can grasp. It is just the client and Dr. Estes, one on one.

Next comes an agreed upon length of time with a sober coach who has been hand picked by Dr. Estes and the client. As you can see, everything about SOBER ON DEMAND is molded specifically to the client. Everything from the recovery related program down to the meals, are molded specific to the client. During the client’s stay they will also have one on one access to a nurse, food nutritionist and an exercise coach because health, diet and exercise are just as important as the recovery based program itself. Dr. Estes and her SOBER ON DEMAND program also offers acupuncture and chiropractic appointments and the tropical location has its very own PEMF machine to help treat aches and pains through electrical stimulation.

Now I’m going to challenge you to look around and try to find another recovery based program that offers you all of what The Addictions Coach and its SOBER ON DEMAND program is offering their clients. From the tropical island location to the constant one on one therapy, you won’t find a program that sets you up to not only get clean and sober but to also stay clean and sober. Dr. Estes’ unique blend of open mindedness  and her belief that every addict is a completely different individual is the reason that The Addictions Coach’s SOBER ON DEMAND program has the best success rate in the addictions industry. Please head over to The Addictions Coach website at www.SoberonDemand.com or call them at 1-800-706-0318 to get info about SOBER ON DEMAND and all of their addiction recovery related programs today.