What Can An Addict Expect From a Sober Companion?

sober companion

It’s natural to be concerned about returning home and still getting addicted following treatment. You’ve worked hard to get clean, but it appears that staying clean will be much more difficult once your immediate surroundings aren’t as controlled. You’ll reclaim you are free only when you return to your normal life. But somehow, you lost it while in treatment. This liberty can be a two-edged sword.

Moreover, the road to recovery is difficult. Going it alone is far more complex than having a robust support network of competent individuals who have successfully recovered. Thus, a professional sober companion will help you to come out of the anxiety and addiction. They will support you in every situation or difficulties.

Who is a sober companion?

A sober companion, by definition, is someone who helps a client recover from different addictions. They offer emotional and physical assistance to help the client stay on track with their recovery. Many of the people who offer to be sober friends are in recovery themselves. They, too, have had their ups and downs, but they have a long history of sobriety.

They are willing to assist others in overcoming their nightmares voluntarily. And if you’ve made it through the rehabilitation process, you’ll feel the same way. It can be tough to silence those small demonic cravings and voices. As a result, no matter how powerful you believe you are, everyone requires assistance at some point.

Emotional and physical support, especially for recovering addicts, might mean the difference between overcoming addiction and relapsing into a junkie!

What should an addict expect?

Sober companions, more often than not, know how to keep you on track because they’ve been where you are. Many people are in recovery from addiction. Sponsors and sober friends are frequently compared, and there are numerous parallels. On the other hand, a sponsor is more like a close friend whom you may call for support any time of day or night. A sober companion may help you with a lot more than that, which is why they cost money.

Thus, an excellent sober companion will assist you in the following ways:

  • Remove all drugs or alcohol from your house,
  • Will keep watch on you during the whole recovery process,
  • Make you take advantage of the healthy habits that you might have learned from the treatment,
  • Monitor your behavior and to whom you are meeting,
  • Will help you in making a strong bond with friends or family.

Sober companions can also help you get back into the good books of the people you care about. On your journey to self-discovery in treatment, you may have burned a few bridges and injured some sentiments. When faced by family and friends, the new you may feel remorseful and really sorry for what you’ve done in the past. But you may not know how to communicate those feelings or cope with your own emotions. A sober companion can assist you in dealing with your problems in a healthy manner.

How much importance does it take to find the best sober companion?

It is not easy to find the best sober companion for an addict. This is so because addiction is something that requires proper care and attention to get out of it. Thus, only a professional sober companion can assist an addict in relieving stress and anxiety.

It’s also crucial to understand that having a sober friend isn’t a substitute for a medically supervised detox and evidence-based rehabilitation program. Instead, after completing a rehabilitation program, a sober companion can be a valuable supplement to the longer recovery process.

Ask a case manager, social worker, or therapist at the rehabilitation center if they think a sober companion could help with the recovery process. Moreover, you can ask for their recommendations for affordable, certified, and trusted professionals in this sector after you’ve completed detox and rehabilitation. Thus, you can begin with detox treatment, and after that can take help from the addiction professionals for a specific recovery plan.

How to become a certified sober companion coach?

A sober companion plays a very important role in relieving the stress and addictions of people. Thus, to become a certified sober companion is not simple as you may think so. They also dealt with their own personal issues but did not step back in volunteering for the addicted people. Because they are the only hope left for such addicted people.

It is essential that you are entirely clean and sober if you want to become a sober coach. People who have gone through recovery and have been sober for a long time make excellent sober trainers. This is so because they have been through it and understand the addict’s thinking. A sober coach should be someone the addict can look up to for guidance on living a healthy, sober lifestyle.

The Bottom Line

In retrospect, sober companions help clients battle their inner demons to relapse into the days of addiction past by offering emotional and physical support. It also holds the client accountable every hour of every day they are present.

Having a sober partner, whether paid or unpaid, is vital for effectively making it through the recovery process. Allow those long, warm hugs to help in producing oxytocin, which is required for warm sentiments.

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