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What Makes Sober on Demand Different from Other Addiction Treatment  Services?

Finding drug treatment alternatives isn’t the most difficult thing out there. It’s a growing industry and they all want to prove their worth. Whether it be addiction coaching, sober companions, detoxing, or other services, you can find dozens of independent contractors and businesses competing for your attention. So, what sets Sober on Demand apart from the rest? Well, it excels in three avenues:  Depth, reliability, and luxury.


Sober on Demand has an extensive catalog of services at the client’s disposal, and this is all thanks to one major factor: Its founder, Cali Estes. Nicknamed the “female Dr. Drew” and known globally as “The Addictions Coach”, Cali is a life coach, celebrity coach, counselor, transformational coach, and wellness guru with years of experience backing her. In other words, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better mind to put behind this venture.

OK, but what does Sober on Demand offer? Well, for those interested in mobile treatment services, there’s “Sober on Demand Intensive”. A private, concierge-style addiction/mental health alternative to treatment concept that can come to you whenever and wherever you need it. This can work brilliantly for those with a traveling lifestyle that may be unable to stay in your average rehab or any similar static services.

They also offer many of the more well-known treatment alternatives, too! Addiction coaching, life coaching, sober companions, and a large swath of treatment plans for varying types of addiction Food and eating disorders, video game addiction, drugs, alcohol, social media, technology, and shopping – there’s no limit to their expertise and the number of people they can help.

This is only scratching the surface! We haven’t mentioned their detox program, the private retreats, or any other wonderful offerings Sober on Demand has to offer. Their catalog is unmatched compared to other treatment alternatives.


Sober on Demand is also unbelievably thorough in vetting its employees. This may seem a given, but it extends beyond traditional means. Each coach and companion is insured, certified, and bonded to ensure the client feels completely comfortable with their chosen provider.

The training is incredibly extensive as well, with Cali herself having a big hand in that. The Addictions Academy is a major contributor to the blossoming treatment alternative scene and produces some of the best in the industry. If you wanted an addictions coach or life coach that you could rely on, The Addictions Academy is a fantastic place to look. Cali founded this organization as well, and helped build it into a leading name.


Finally, there’s the top-of-the-line quality behind everything that Sober On Demand offers. We touched briefly on the services SOD offers earlier, and while it’s nice to know the surface-level information, it goes beyond your expectation. Their detoxing program can be safely done at home with trained staff, coaching can be done virtually or on-the-go, and it’s rare for an addiction treatment alternative to offer private retreats, yet Sober on Demand does so with astounding results. They take clients to beautiful locales to fully immerse themselves in an experience that truly separates them from the stresses of everyday life.

The comfort of the client is prioritized there, and it’s almost a given that the Sober on Demand team will go the extra mile. This is the common theme throughout the entirety of the SOD program, that would be difficult to find in other places. Their addiction coaching services are elite, their sober companions are fantastic, and the private retreats are one-of-a-kind. If any of this interests you, or you feel that you or a loved one may need an addictions coach or sober coach of any kind, Sober on Demand is a fantastic place to look.