Summer Demands Sober Companions


Summer Demands Sober Companions

Summer is right around the corner and sober companions couldn’t be of greater importance. This may strike some as an odd sentiment – summer is usually great for mental health with festivities, added warmth, and some extra free time. However, what you may not know is that these factors are what may put recovering addicts in the most danger.

What is a Sober Companion?

A sober companion, for those unaware, is a person or persons trained to aid clients in potentially triggering situations usually when out and about with potential for relapse. They often work alongside an online sober coach (or recovery coach) to reinforce ideas that were established by a broader roadmap or goal.

It’s also important to note that while a sober companion may keep a safe and watchful eye over your various activities, various sources such as The Addictions Coach and Sober on Demand tout their ability to make sober companionship feel nothing like being “babied”. You’re treated with respect, and you set the limit for guidance.

So when may a sober companion be used? Everyday life or occasionally? Well, both may apply, it’s entirely up to the client. Some may need one for a trip elsewhere or to locations that may have triggering substances, but you can also request what’s referred to as a “live in sober companion”, that accompanies you at home as frequently as you wish. This may be helpful in cases where you fear an imminent relapse, need to get rid of substances with no risk, or just as a general safety precaution.

What’s Wrong with Summer?

That brings us to the big question – why is the summertime such a big deal for sober companions? Well, let’s look back at the original enjoyable elements mentioned earlier. For one, the festivities. Parties, celebrations, cookouts – these are all occasions that are usually something to look forward to, but for recovering addicts, they can be a nightmare to navigate. The biggest conflict would be with those wishing to avoid alcohol, as it’s basically synonymous with any celebration, including parties and cookouts. However, even outside of alcohol, the general laid-back “let loose” theme and some bad actors can be enough to push anyone towards relapsing towards their substance of choice.

Next, we can look at the weather. While the warmth may be nice (especially after some particularly colder months) as temperatures rise so do the risks of relapse. Discomfort, less energy, higher irritability, and seasonal affective disorder are some key factors that may push some over the edge. When many turn to drugs and alcohol as a means of escape from harsh reality, a harsher reality may be pushing them harder toward their vices.

Finally, there’s the aspect of more time being available. While, yes, more time away from work or school could give more opportunity to relax and focus on pleasant things, it also means potentially more time around triggering sights and objects. Not only that but there’s also a chance that one could feel a loss of direction without their addictive substance and rush back to it in search of meaning again. It’s a poor idea, but a reality worth considering.

Sober companions can keep you company anywhere and keep your eyes on the prize. What many need against those previously mentioned adversities is an objective perspective – an anchor whose job it is to keep you level-headed and on the right track. If you’re at all curious or want more information on how to contact a sober companion, The Addictions Coach, and Sober on Demand are two very great resources that can help you do just that.

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