Recovery Coach – Addiction Coach

Certified and Highly Experienced Recovery Life Coaches

Recovery Coach & Addiction Coaches are key to Sobriety.

Private “Sober-Life” Guidance! Having an addictions coach that can help you with all aspects of your sober or semi-sober life is key. Our certified, insured, highly-trained recovery coaches have a minimum of 5 years sober (some have 30!) and have first-hand knowledge of drug and alcohol addiction. We personality match the sober coach to you and you can choose whom you want to work with as we have over 100 certified coaches on staff around the globe. Imagine speaking to an executive that has gone through what you are experiencing right now and having a professional on your team that truly ‘gets it’.

Proactive • Experiential • Intuitive • Credentialed • On-Demand

Recovery Coach

Private recovery coaching (sometimes referred to also as “sober coaching”) or private life coaching for addiction is extremely different from your typical drug addiction rehab or mental health therapy sessions. Recovery and Life Coaching focuses on forward, positive motion and does not dwell on your past issues and traumas, whereas therapy and counseling go back into your past to confront past issues that have not been handled. Professional recovery coaches are able to delve into the current and existing issues that are holding you back in life and help you move forward, addiction-free! This is about creating the perfect blend of guidance, information, accountability, and oversight, all of which molded into an action plan and guidance system.

Most recovery coaches and sober coaches are assisting a client in the harm reduction model (Cali Sober), using Medically Assisted Therapies (MAT) such as Suboxone, Subutex, Vivitrol, Methadone, or  Marijuana Maintenance programs and controlled drinking. Some recovery coaches and sober coaches will assist with full and complete abstinence of the drugs and alcohol, but our goal is to meet the client right where they are in the process and help them achieve the goals and action steps necessary to UnPause their life.

Our professional recovery coaches meet with our clients by phone, zoom, or in person, usually on an hourly basis. We offer weekly, bi-weekly sessions, or more intensive programs that we can custom tailor to you, the client. We can help create the life you want and desire by helping you tackle your inner demons and get moving in the right direction. All of our staff have a minimum of 5 years in recovery themselves from drugs and alcohol (most have 10-30 years) and we are international in scope so we can personality match you, the client with the right sobriety coach.

Our Recovery Coaches and Sobriety Coaches are very thorough and can cover many in-depth topics. We also come equipped with a copy of the #1 Bestselling Recovery Coach Workbook that has 45 exercises to help you tap into your potential and meet your goals. We can work with your existing therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist or even create an entire treatment team around you to help you get your goals met.

Here are some of the topics and life issues our Certified Recovery Coaches and Certified Life Coaches are able to assist you with:

  1. Creating Purpose and Passion in Life
  2. Positive Change and getting ‘Unstuck’
  3. Dealing with work, career and school issues
  4. Finding Yourself/creating a Roadmap to success
  5. Vision Board creation
  6. Family & Relationship Issues
  7. Goal-Setting & Achievement
  8. Creating the Life you Want
  9. Failure to Launch
  10. Poor Decisions & Lifestyle Choices
  11. Triggers and Coping Mechanisms/skills
  12. DUI/Criminal Issues
  13. Financial and Budget issues
  14. Career or Education Problems
  15. Stress and Anxiety
  16. Bad Publicity and Press
  17. Guilt/remorse and Self-Loathing
  18. Circle of Influence of Friends
  19. Social Situations and Related Issues (drug use, bad behaviors, etc.)
  20. Meeting attendance or MAT related issues

What is a Recovery Coach?
A recovery coach is a person in long term recovery that is certified, bonded and insured and is able to help other people give up using drugs and alcohol. They utilize a powerful, proactive, and solution-based private guidance system that can enable the client to achieve a level of clarity and understanding that might otherwise NOT be attained through traditional addiction treatment or drug rehab style environments.

What is a sober coach?
A sober coach is a person in long-term recovery that is certified, bonded, and insured and is able to help other people find that path to not using drugs and alcohol. Most sober coaches will work hourly, and some will provide live-in residential services.  Sober coaches use a strengths-based system of recovery rooted in creating an action plan and creating a fulfilling life.

Can a recovery coach help me?
Yes. Recovery coaches meet the client where they are and help the client build the best life possible. If ‘doing life on life’s terms’; have you stressed out, recovery coaching and sober coaching are for you.

How do I find a sober coach?
The biggest online directory for sobriety coaches and recovery coaches is The Addiction and Mental Health Directory, and it has coaches in all facets of addiction. You should always ask if they are certified, insured, and bonded.