Sugar and Food Addiction Coaching

When you can’t stop eating, we can help  

Sugar and Food Addiction Coaching

We all fantasize about ice cream sundaes, cookies cake, pizza, and where the best drive-through fast food joint is, but do you obsess over food?  Have you tried every diet, and failed and feel like giving up? Food and sugar addiction is more than mental, it is a chemical addiction that requires a detox to clear your system and ‘reset’ your body physically and mentally. You may need to talk to a food addiction coach. 

Our sugar and food addiction coaching program is for you if you crave: Burgers. Cake. Candy. Pizza. Ice Cream. Chips. We all know those as junk food. What about pasta sauce, yogurt, and diet soda? They are just as addictive and full of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Sugar is often the most overlooked addiction and rarely treated correctly. The most abused substance on the planet is sugar, and it is in everything from bread to pasta sauce to yogurt. Food is easy to obtain, cheap and legal. Even the portion size is out of control. The amount of food in one meal should be no larger than the size of your closed fist, yet most restaurants offer 4x as much food as one platter.

Ever notice how you will binge eat an entire bag of Oreos or chips, but not a big bag of broccoli or 10 bananas? There is a chemical reason for that. Your body uses broccoli for calcium and bananas for potassium and knows when it has had enough. The processed cookies and chips you are craving have added chemicals that are highly addictive, and you want more. The sugar, sweeteners, added GMO, preservatives, and more make your palate crave more of the junk food, so you consume more.  Then you feel guilt, remorse, and shame and eat even more. You eat your feelings; you may even punish yourself afterward by exercising or denying yourself food.

Much like drugs and alcohol, there is an entire process to food addiction and a full ritual that you go through. You think about it, search for it, consume it, feel bad and guilty, and then do it all over. The most addictive substance on the planet is sugar and it has almost the same chemical make up as heroin with the same withdrawal. Headaches, nausea, insomnia, foggy brain, irritable, tired, restless legs, etc. Does not sound like fun at all, but what if you can alleviate these symptoms on a chemical level and feel better physically and emotionally? We can help.

Food addiction is not an Eating Disorder, it is a chemical and emotional immune response to some foods. Most people think that dieting is the answer and it is not. Restricting food and eating only certain types of food will make you sick, your immune system weak, and kick off any latent eating disorders. We tackle food addiction at the mental, emotional, and chemical levels. You need all 3 to get to the underlying cause (emotional and mental) of why you are addicted to food but more importantly, you need to break the chemical connection and cleanse your body.

Things we DO NOT recommend as a food addiction coach: diets, juice cleanse, fasting, or any other new crazy thing to hit the market. We will assist you with a full lifestyle change and break the chemical addiction by tackling the neurotransmitters in your brain. We will help you with foods that trigger the immune response (you are generally allergic to what you crave) and help you to keep your inflammation response down (when this goes up you crave certain food like pizza, bread, and sugars). This is a total wellness approach: mind, body, and chemistry.

Most clients that are leaving inpatient treatment chose to have a sober companion or sober buddy with them for a few weeks as they reintegrate into their new sober lifestyle. What they forget to do is learn a new eating pattern and they find that they trade one addiction for another. Suddenly they are obsessing over specific foods like they did drugs or alcohol and they gain weight and realize that they need a food addiction coach  to get back on track.

Program 1 (online)

  • 10 weeks of food addiction coaching with a Certified Food Addictions Coach
  • 5 weeks of Nutritional Therapy with a Certified Nutritional Therapist
  • 14-day Detox and cleanse
  • The Brain Health Recovery Method (ProRecovery RX for 30 days)

Our online program is designed for the individual that can manage within a less restrictive setting. We offer Zoom and phone calls, check-ins, and nutritional detox and supplements that you can do in the comfort of your own home.      

Program 2 (onsite)

  • 4 Day intensive onsite
  • 30-day food coach and companion
  • 14-day detox cleanse
  • The Brain Health Recovery Method (ProRecovery RX for 30 days)

When it comes to food, it can be an addictive substance, but we can also punish ourselves by restricting food intake (anorexia) or binge eating and then vomiting or over-exercising or even using laxatives (bulimia). These are quite different issues and can be managed with a food addictions coach and adding a nutritional therapist to the team to create a proper food plan with non-triggering and inflammatory foods. We can offer our intensive 4-day program onsite and our residential companions for eating disorders that need extra care and a white glove approach. We work with both men and women in the comfort of their own homes where we can help them understand that food is medicine and how to love their bodies. Please call for details.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy is creating real health through healthy food choices and lifestyle changes. Establishing an understanding of what nutrients are and what they provide for our body and utilizing Food as Medicine. Working together as a team with your Nutritional coach or nutritional therapist to set goals that will bring you to a healthy weight, provide more energy, greater mental clarity, and get you to achieve your optimum level of health.

Why would I need Nutritional Therapy?

Addiction can severely deplete your body of essential nutrients. Chances are you have not been focused on eating healthy, and you most likely have not been focused on eating at all. One in four addicts is considered malnourished.

Nutritional therapy reestablishes your relationship with REAL, wholesome foods. A nutritional coach will teach you how to eat again. Through good food choices, you will restore your body’s vital nutrients and give your body a chance to heal from the damage of addiction.

How can addiction affect my health?

Alcohol and substance abuse can greatly affect your physical health and wreak havoc on ALL systems of the body. Your digestive system plays a significant role in good health, so, if your digestive system isn’t functioning properly, you may be experiencing many physical and emotional symptoms, some that may mimic withdrawal, others mimic mental health issues. Having a healthy gut is key to optimal performance.  

What does a Nutritional Therapy session look like?

There is nothing to fear in a nutrition session. We won’t tell you that you need to throw out all your food and buy only lettuce. Let’s just chat about what it is you are eating, currently, and what you would like to eat. 

Together we create a roadmap of how to get there and have fun on the trip! Each nutrition session will be YOU focused.

There are many different types of behaviors and obsessive thoughts within the minds of those struggling with eating disorders and food addiction issues. Whatever the reason/s maybe that drive you or your loved one through the potentially fatal insanity of anorexia, bulimia, over-eating, or other variation, please know that there are proven solutions and out of the box coaching that has shown great success among those struggling with addiction to foods. Dr. Estes and her team are much more than just your ally or recovery guide right now, in fact, we are your full-scope addiction coach and companion throughout this recovery process, and we offer you a level of expertise and integrative support that is rarely matched.