Family Coaching

Parent and Spousal Support when you need it most.

Family Coaching – Parent and Spousal Support

Having a loved one with an addiction or mental health issue can be painful and confusing. You may not know what to do, what to say, or how to get them the help they need. Sometimes they agree to get help and you, the family, are left out of the healing process. This can leave you feeling lost, confused, and unsupported. In addition, the expectation that your loved one will be ‘fixed’, or ‘cured’ and return home a different person is present. You want to know what to do with your loved one post-treatment and how to handle some of the Family Systems issues that are arising. You want to know what to say, what to do, and how to keep your loved one on the right sobriety path. That is where a Certified Family Coach can help you. 

family coaching for addicts

At Sober on Demand, we can assist your family with mental health coaching and addictions coaching while your loved one attends drug and alcohol treatment, addiction therapy, or is placed in a sober living facility. Maybe your loved one is still home and actively using and you need guidance and advice or assistance to get them to agree to get professional help.  Our Nationally Certified Family Coaches with years of experience on both sides of addiction can assist you. We offer parents and spouses the  guidance and support you need, during this stressful transition time. We will advise you on what is happening (if they are in a drug and alcohol treatment facility), what issues can arise when your loved one returns home, how to behave and speak with them, and we will even explain the process of addiction and the steps to take to assist your loved one post-drug and alcohol treatment.  Families are often either kept in the dark for 28 days or lead to believe that the addict will return to ‘normal’ when they leave the drug and alcohol treatment facility. Let us be your Calm in the Chaos.

If your loved one leaves treatment and seems great, for a short period of time, that is called ‘the pink cloud’. Usually, the bad habits return and they go back to their old ways, and the lying, stealing, and manipulative behaviors start back up and as a parent or spouse of an active drug user or alcoholic, you don’t know what to do. Maybe you feel angry, resentful, and perplexed. You probably thought that they would be ‘cured’ but now they are even worse and maybe even learned to use a different drug or engage in more reckless behavior. You don’t know whom to turn to for help and answers. We understand because we have been there.

As your Certified Family Coach, our trained staff will offer support services, encouragement, and education, and we are your Family Coach throughout the entire process. We can be available as a live in accompaniment, hourly, or on-demand depending on the needs of the Family Unit and what other stressors are present in the family dynamic, including other members with addiction issues and mental health issues. We offer services by the month, day, or individual consult (phone/zoom sessions available as well). As Your Certified Family Coach, we can hold your hand through the process and explain what is really happening with your loved one in rehab and what to expect from them after addiction or mental health treatment. 

Our Certified and trained Family Coaches offer support, encouragement, and most importantly we can explain what is happening throughout the sobriety process, and how to handle it. Very few rehab and addiction treatment centers offer Family Coaching through the process and even after the drug and alcohol treatment facility stay to understand what happened and what will occur with your loved one post-treatment.

What does a family recovery life coach do? A family coach can help you navigate the world of addiction medicine and mental health services. A Nationally Certified Family Coach can help you understand addiction, how to talk to your loved one and how to set boundaries with love and acceptance, while also enacting change and helping them create a new sober lifestyle.

How do I understand addiction? Most families members of an addict or someone suffering from Substance Use Disorder do not know how to set boundaries, follow self-care, enact change and be a positive support for a family member that is newly sober. Hiring a professional, like a Nationally Certified Family Coach, will assist the family in understanding addiction, mental health issues, and how to correctly and positively get their loved one help.

How do I find a Recovery Coach Service for Families? There are only two training schools that train certified family coaches. Make sure you find one that offers a Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach credential (NCFRC) and the coach can be personally matched to your family unit. Not all coaches are the best for all clients. Sober on Demand and The Addictions Coach companies offer many certified and insured coaches that can be matched to your family unit and their specific needs.