Confessions of a Junkie

confessions of a junkie

I am one of those drug addicts that has invested a “lifetime” in trying to get sober. When I was younger, in my 20s and 30s, I tried several different 12 step traditional drug and alcohol treatment facilities. I always was so enthusiastic about getting clean and I always stayed clean while I was technically in a rehabilitation facility. The problem was when I stepped foot outside of the rehab doors. What I soon found out as I got into my 40s was that the traditional “one size fits all” rehabilitation did not work for me at all.

Then I found Dr. Cali Estes and her creation, The Addictions Coach and it’s specific program SOBER ON DEMAND. First of all, the program was specific to me and was molded specifically for me. I was quickly paired with an incredible professional sober coach who turned me on to recovery-based techniques that I had never even thought of or been taught.

Of course, we talked about the root cause of my addiction and what made me pick up and use drugs in the first place. But I was taught certain skills in how to repair my body from brain health, food nutrition and physical conditioning. Let me give you a quick example. I am a recovering opiate addict and over the last 18 months of my drug use I was doing 20 bags of fentanyl and 70 mgs of methadone a day. Needless to say, I did not feel a degenerative back issue that was getting worse by the day. Only when I was free from opiates did I feel the pain in my back.

The SOBER ON DEMAND program taught me to fix the issue with chiropractic and acupuncture appointments. Before I learned to use these holistic combinations to help my back, I would have gone right to pain killers which would have only masked the problem and made it worse.

SOBER ON DEMAND also taught me food nutrition and how to feed my body the proper food and nutrients it needs to repair itself and function in a manner that will contribute to sobriety. One of the most important factors in recovery that we miss completely is nutrition!

SOBER ON DEMAND also taught me about brain health. We do so much damage to our brains when using drugs, especially opiates, and we need the proper vitamins to get our brain back to the level it was at before addiction. One of the things that kept leading me back to drugs and addiction when I would leave traditional rehabs was my cravings, emotions and flat affect. I did not understand it then and I was definitely not instructed that I had a dopamine shortage from my years of opiate use. The part of my brain that produced my natural “feel good” chemical was depleted. So the only way to feel right, as far as I was concerned, was to go back out and use drugs. Had I understood the chemistry part of what was going on in my brain, I would have been a lot more successful in my early days of recovery. SOBER ON DEMAND goes into depth on these issues.

The few subjects that I have touched on today are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how SOBER ON DEMAND completely changed my view on addiction FOR THE BETTER! So if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction please contact the team at 1-800-706-0318 ext 1. Or reach out to SOBERONDEMAND.COM