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3 Reasons concierge addiction medicine is better than an addiction treatment center


Why Treatment Centers Fail and Why You Need a Private Sober on Demand Professional

12/15/2021 by Chris Cobb


As an addiction recovery professional, you certainly understand the potential negative consequences when intakes go against medical advice. How about your addiction treatment center? Does it ever go against marketing advice? How about bait and switch? Across many industries, a broken promise or unfulfilled obligation is a lost sale. However, in the rehab industry a lost sale could mean a very bad outcome for someone that could have been helped.

Say the pictures on a treatment center’s website do not accurately reflect the facility: intakes are prone to walk away untreated. A treatment center’s website a reflection of the level of care and treatment intakes will expect to receive upon checking into treatment, but how accurate are they? What if a family gives their loved one no other choice but to get treatment, and find a nice-looking facility online, and it turns out being something that hurts them more than it helps? Perhaps the addiction treatment center is in it only for money, and not there to get to the underlying core of your loved one’s issues the help them truly recovery and live a better life?

Too many treatment centers are failing. Another reason is patient brokering, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “body brokers”. It is becoming a big game of risk for families who are simply wanting their loved one to get better, or individuals seeking real help on their own because they have already lost enough in life due to their addictions. This is why I highly suggest a Sober on Demand Professional to be at the top of your list of things to consider when seeking real help.

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Sober on Demand offers private concierge-style addiction and mental health alternatives to traditional treatment center approaches. You will have a dedicated team that helps you realize and work through the root causes of your issues, and help you find real solutions to these underlying problems. Some of the amenities included in Sober on Demand include nutritional supplements, personal training, nutritional guidance, brain health, chiropractic and much more. You do not need to feel like you are being forced into treatment, as Sober on Demand provides intensive professional services that will help you get to the root of your vices and issues inside and outside of addiction, and why you used in the first place, and create a plan with you to help you defeat these vices and find solutions to your problems.

Hiring a sober companion, you will have an accountability partner who can stay with you 24/7, go with you to help you maintain your sobriety at specific events such as family gatherings on holidays or parties. A sober companion isn’t limited to this, however. A sober companion can assist you in setting and attaining goals of staying sober for serious periods of time, whether it be 30 days or a year. Their goal is to accompany you throughout your daily life and help you understand triggers, learn new coping skills, and much more. A Sober Companion is certified, bonded and insured with 5 years or more of continuous sobriety.

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