5 Reasons Having A Sober Companion Or Sober Coach Is Key In Early Sobriety

Sober Companion

Sobriety is not an easy process. From physical recovery to mental and emotional healing, there are many aspects to consider which can last a lifetime.

One of the most critical factors in early sobriety is having someone who has been through it before on your side – whether that be a sober companion or a sober coach. The support they provide can make all the difference in getting back on track quickly and staying there for good!

The recovery period of addiction is one that most people never really talk about and aren’t well-acquainted with, so here are the top 5 reasons why having a sober companion or coach during early sobriety can make all the difference in your long-term success.

Sobriety Can Be Long and Tedious

While it varies from person to person, it’s safe to assume that the early stages of recovery are more challenging than the later ones. This is because the physical pain and nausea of withdrawal are often more intense during the initial days or weeks of sobriety, making even the essential tasks of life seem nearly impossible.

In addition, because there is no chemical in your brain telling you that you need a drink or drug, the cravings can be intense and debilitating. While some people go through this alone, it’s almost always easier to have someone who understands what you’re going through there to help you along.

A sober companion or coach has been exactly where you are right now, so they know how to best deal with these cravings and urges to drink or use drugs. They’re also there, with you, as a reminder that it gets easier with time.

Relapse is Almost Guaranteed Without the Right Support

The vast majority of people who go into treatment for addiction and then relapse cite one factor above all others: they didn’t have someone on their side to help them get through it. Most people have jobs and families or other responsibilities that make going to treatment alone nearly impossible, which is why the relapse rate is so high – without someone being there for you, it’s much easier to give in to a craving.

The great thing about having someone with you during this critical period of your sobriety is giving you a support system. They can help keep you accountable when the cravings become too great, and they’re there to remind you of your reasons for getting sober in the first place.

Offering Personalized Support

One of the biggest differences between a sober companion or coach and someone else who’s been through recovery is that they’re offering you targeted support based on your situation.

While there are many programs and courses to help people beat addiction, it’s a big mistake to assume that these systems will be the same for everyone. They’re not – to have the best chance of being successful in sobriety, you must have someone who can tailor their help to your situation to know what is going on with you and how best to handle it.

Having a sober companion or coach by your side who is well-versed in addiction and the unique challenges of family members recovering from addiction can be invaluable – having someone there to help you navigate this aspect of life with sobriety is critical for success.

A Staple of Recovery that Works

In addition, many people believe that family and friends will be enough to get them through recovery, but this is not the case. In fact, most people who are struggling with addiction in any capacity don’t even have a single person they trust enough to ask for help or support – if you’re not able to turn to someone you already know and trust, it’s going to make all the difference to have someone new in your life who is there for you, ready to help.

This person can become a cornerstone of recovery that you hold onto as you’re getting clean and sober – an anchor that keeps you secure and on track quickly and staying there for good! As long as they know what they’re doing, having a sober companion or coach can be the best decision you could make as a newly sober person.

A Support System in Place Before You Need It

The most crucial step is the first one – taking action before you’re at rock bottom. The most successful people with recovery always have a sober companion or coach in their corner as soon as possible because it can give them enough foundation to stand on if they get into trouble again.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to have a sober companion or coach, keep in mind that it is critical to start the process as soon as possible – if you need help more than ever right now, then this could be the best decision you make for your recovery. Also, remember how important it is to keep moving forward in your recovery. If you’re having a difficult time without the proper support by your side, then it’s worth looking into one of these professional services as soon as possible.

Bottom Line:

A lot of people find that seeking help from an outside source can make all the difference in their recovery – if you’d be willing to reach out for this type of assistance when things are difficult for you, then it could make all the difference in your life.

If you feel that this type of service would be right for your situation, there are a lot of resources out there to help you locate someone who is qualified and can meet your needs – just be sure to do some research before choosing one so that they’re going to be a good match for your needs.

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