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5 Ways To Deal With Stress and Anxiety

Trying to juggle the new “hybrid” way of life can be difficult. For example, your job may expect you to work from home half the time and in the office the other half. Suppose you are fortunate enough to work from home without having to go to the office. In that case, you still must do your usual house chores—parenting and yard work—while simultaneously keeping up with the workload.

Adjusting to a new way of life can increase stress or anxiety issues. Stress and anxiety left unchecked can result in irritability and even lead to self-medication.

If you are struggling with stress and anxiety, a life coach may be a solution for you. A life coach is a great way to bridge the gap, even if you use therapy. So, let’s dive into five ways life coaching can help deal with stress and anxiety.

5 Ways To Deal With Stress and Anxiety

1. Offer a Close Support System/Accountability

Having someone on your team when you need the assurance to reach your goals can help you achieve them quickly. Whether you want to build better relationships, work on your career, or overcome an addiction, a life coach can become your personal, private motivator. Another significant part of a life coach’s job is to keep you accountable. When people are held responsible, they tend to have less stress and anxiety.

They can also remind you of your goals and plans and check in to see if you are doing what you planned to do to reach them. When you have someone to relay things to about your day-to-day life and issues— it helps to break down stress that builds up— and you will feel much better. A life coach can empower you to move forward for as long as you wish to work with them.

2. Building a Strategy

Building a strategy or setting goals is the way to achieving your dreams. A life coach can help you lay out a plan and stick to it. They can help you overcome obstacles, fears, and doubts. When you work with a life coach to establish a strategy, your dreams become more attainable.

You can see where you want to be and have help to get there. When you gain better self-compassion and self-awareness, you will have fewer stressors.

It is essential, though, that you know what it is that you want to obtain first. A life coach can push you and help guide you on the path, but you must know what the end goal is. Then, they can offer you resources and help you learn to face everything head-on.

A life coach can also help you to set realistic goals. For example, you may want to advance in your career. Still, a life coach shows you that your overall quality of life is declining because you are overworked. They can help you realize what you are capable of accomplishing— this strategy will prevent stress and anxiety.

3. Help You Regain Control

Sometimes you get in your own way. With work and home life piling up, you may even feel like you’ve lost control. Or the stress has been getting to you, so to wind down— you have been drinking wine every night. If you feel like the wine has gotten out of control or life, in general, has taken over, then a life coach can help you regain control over your life.

In addition, a life coach can help you discover your strengths and weaknesses and help remind you of your positive attributes. Together, you can step back, look at where you may have lost control, and begin setting healthy boundaries for yourself.

4. Build Your Confidence

A life coach will teach you how to look at yourself in a positive light. Many life coaches are knowledgeable about mindfulness techniques. Practicing mindfulness can boost self-confidence by helping you learn to focus on the present.

A life coach can first help you to identify where you lack confidence. Next, they can help you look at your limiting beliefs. Often your thoughts can become your biggest critic. If you lack confidence in an area, it may be because you keep telling yourself that you are not good in that area.

A life coach will also teach you to consider your environment and comfort zones. Once you gain more confidence, you are ready to fight off some of the anxiety and stress of daily life.

5. Offer an Unbiased Ear

Sometimes you can’t talk to the people who are causing you stress in the first place. It would be best if you had someone you could rely on not to get upset or pass judgment on you. A life coach can offer you an empathetic yet unbiased ear to vent to. Having someone to talk to can be gratifying.

A life coach can also help you communicate better with others. They can also help you learn to accept criticism and feedback.

You don’t always have to let negative feedback ruin your day. Instead, a life coach can help you take and positively apply the input into your life to improve. They can also help you see things from a different angle, from the outside. When we look at things from a different perspective, some of the initial anxiety we feel about something fades away.

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